Wealth Creation for Power Players (5 Product Bundle)

Advanced Business Growth, Investing & Wealth Creation Strategies for Power Players

In this 5 product bundle, discover some of the timeless secrets of creating wealth – that you might not find anywhere as condensed, compiled and presented like in this package.

Without wasting time, let me introduce you to ..


The Wealth Creation Blueprint

Investing Secrets Of The Rich and Wealthy..
How To Double, Triple Or Even 20X Your Wealth without Any Extra Effort…


wealth creation blueprint ebook and videos

50 Video Series In MP4 Format, Total Running Time: 1 hour 53 Minutes 18 seconds

Wealth Creation Blueprint is created for investors who have little knowledge and are already investing their money.

It aims to elevate your knowledge on how you can utilize the different types of available investment vehicles in the market to create passive income that would ultimately assist you in achieving financial empowerment and freedom.

Regardless of your background, whether you’re working for someone, working for yourself or a seasoned investor, there is something for you in the coming videos. For seasoned investors, we will be addressing some of the common challenges that you have been facing.


Here’s a quick preview of the chapters:

  1. Introduction Introduction – Start A Venture in Creating More Wealth
  2. Business Introduction To Business Investment
  3. Business Advantages & Drawback Of Business In General
  4. Business Pros & Cons Of Business Investment In Specific
  5. Business The First Step To Change Is Awareness
  6. Business Research Is Creating New Knowledge
  7. Business The Golden Formulas (Part 1)
  8. Business The Golden Formulas (Part 2)
  9. Business The Golden Formulas (Part 3)
  10. Business Strategizing – META Theory
  11. Business Unlocking The Secret Step (Part 1) 9
  12. Business Unlocking The Secret Step (Part 2) 10
  13. Business Proven Killer Tips (Part 1)
  14. Business Proven Killer Tips (Part 2)
  15. Business The External Factors Limited Your ROI (Part 1)
  16. Business The External Factors Limited Your ROI (Part 2)
  17. Business Action Always Beats Intention
  18. Property A Successful Property Investor Mindset (Part 1)
  19. Property A Successful Property Investor Mindset (Part 2)
  20. Property Property Investment Principles (Part 1)
  21. Property Property Investment Principles (Part 2)
  22. Property The What And Why’s Of Property Investment
  23. Property Understanding The Property Investment Game
  24. Property Two Golden Tickets In Property Investment (Part 1)
  25. Property Two Golden Tickets In Property Investment (Part 2)
  26. Property The Property Investment Game (Part 1)
  27. Property The Property Investment Game (Part 2)
  28. Property The Property Investment Game (Part 3)
  29. Property How To Start Your Investment Plan
  30. Property Investing Strategically
  31. Property The Perks Of Property Investment
  32. Property The Risks Of Property Investment
  33. Property Let’s I.N.V.E.S.T!
  34. Gold & Silver Introduction
  35. Gold & Silver Meet The Gold
  36. Gold & Silver The Boons of Gold Investment (Part 1)
  37. Gold & Silver The Boons of Gold Investment (Part 2)
  38. Gold & Silver Types of Gold Investment (Part 1)
  39. Gold & Silver Types of Gold Investment (Part 2)
  40. Gold & Silver Types of Gold Investment (Part 3)
  41. Gold & Silver Meet The Silver
  42. Gold & Silver The Perks of Silver Investment
  43. Gold & Silver Types of Silver Investment (Part 1)
  44. Gold & Silver Types of Silver Investment (Part 2)
  45. Gold & Silver Types of Silver Investment (Part 3)
  46. Gold & Silver Begin Investing – Identify
  47. Gold & Silver Begin Investing – Calculate
  48. Gold & Silver Begin Investing – Ascertain & Nearest You
  49. Gold & Silver Your Future With Gold & Silver
  50. Conclusion What’s Next – The Finale To Create More Wealth


Fast Action Bonus #1 – Big Business Blueprint

How To Build A Highly Profitable, Wildly Successful Online Business And Start On A Shoe-String budget Today…

You may already have an existing online business and if you want to make it bigger and make more profits from it, expansion is necessary.

The thing is that, this always has some risks involve that is worth taking for the sake of growing your empire.

But to lessen the mistakes that you may encounter along the way, inside this advance video tutorial series which contains various media of 42-Part Video eCourse, 98 Minutes, Checklist & 7 Action Plans, you will surely get to your goal in no time.


Big Business Blueprint

42-Part Video eCourse, 98 Minutes, Checklist & 7 Action Plans

We designed this course for entrepreneurs and business owners who have started their business and are looking to grow their business exponentially within the next 12 months.

The course is separated into 7 different modules with each part covering a specific area of your business. Each module represents a pillar and mastery of each pillar would help you in strengthening your business foundation.

Inside this report you are about to learn the following information:
  • 7 Figure Mindset The Big Picture
  • Bootstrapper’s Guide To 7 Figure Galaxy
  • How To Generate Profitable Offer Ideas
  • $125000 In 4 Days – How To Raise Capital For Your Business
  • How To Scale Your Business And Quadruple Your Income
  • Exit In Style
  • Long Term Wealth How To Get 5 To 10 Returns For Life
A sneak peek into the videos



Fast Action Bonus #2 – The 7 Figure Mastery

Every successful story always starts somewhere. You don’t just dream for it one night and expect it to happen the next morning. Everyone started off as a newbie at one point.

Equip yourself with these trusty secret weapons : A spirit of relentlessness and quickness to learn. On a daily (and nightly) basis, go learn something new; from the very basics of how to buy a domain name, to registering it, to linking it to a website, to building a website from scratch etc. Learn as much as you can, wherever you can, however you can.

Starting up your own online business doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated but you need effort and persistence to crack the code and earn a 7 figure income.


7 Figure Mastery Videos Series

This 32-part video course will provide you with everything you need to know to start a successful internet business.
You will learn about:
  • Necessities And Technicalities
  • Spying On The Market
  • The 7 Figure Mindset
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • The C.R.A.F.T Strategy
  • The Myth Of Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Choose The Best Selling Product To Promote
  • Criteria Of The Best Product
  • Killer Promo Secrets
  • Bonus Techniques
  • Types Of Killer Bonuses
  • Solo Ads To Market Your Business
  • Sales Funnel – The Basics
Some of the topics covered are:
  • Sales Funnel-The Basics
  • Setting Up Your Online Business
  • What Is Affiliate Marketing
  • Your High Ticket Offer
  • Components Of a Sales Funnel
  • Spying On The Market
  • The CRAFT Strategy
  • Your Step By Step Guide
  • Introduction Marketing Your Offer
  • The 7 Figure Mindset
  • The Myth Of Affiliate Marketing
  • Copywriting Writing To Sell
  • How To Choose The Best Product To Promote
  • Criteria Of The Best Product
  • Google Adwords Basics
  • Killer Promo Secrets
  • How To Triple Your Commissions
  • Bonus Techniques
  • Optimizing Your Google Adwords Campaign
  • Media Buying Research And Analysis
  • Types Of Killer Bonuses
  • Media Buying Your First Banner And Offer
  • Solo Ads To Market Your Business
  • Facebook Ads The Fundamentals


Fast Action Bonus #3: The Golden Rules of Acquiring Wealth

Those who really desire to attain independence, have only to set their minds upon it, and adopt the proper means, as they do in regard to any other object which they wish to accomplish, and the thing is easily done. But however easy it may be found to make money, I have no doubt many of my hearers will agree it is the most difficult thing in the world to keep it. The road to wealth is, as Dr. Franklin truly says, “as plain as the road to the mill.” It consists simply in expending less than we earn; that seems to be a very simple problem.

Mr. Micawber, one of those happy creations of the genial Dickens, puts the case in a strong light when he says that to have annual income of twenty pounds per annum, and spend twenty pounds and sixpence, is to be the most miserable of men; whereas, to have an income of only twenty pounds, and spend but nineteen pounds and sixpence is to be the happiest of mortals. Many of my readers may say, “we understand this: this is economy, and we know economy is wealth; we know we can’t eat our cake and keep it also.” Yet perhaps more cases of failure arise from mistakes on this point than almost any other. The fact is, many people think they understand economy when they really do not.

True economy is misapprehended, and people go through life without properly comprehending what that principle is. One says, “I have an income of so much, and here is my neighbor who has the same; yet every year he gets something ahead and I fall short; why is it? I know all about economy.” He thinks he does, but he does not. There are men who think that economy consists in saving cheese-parings and candle-ends, in cutting off two pence from the laundress’ bill and doing all sorts of little, mean, dirty things. Economy is not meanness. The misfortune is, also, that this class of persons let their economy apply in only one direction. They fancy they are so wonderfully economical in saving a half-penny where they ought to spend two pence, that they think they can afford to squander in other directions.

  • Introduction
  • But the trouble does not end here.
  • For the sake of fashion.


Fast Action Bonus #4: “Mass Persuasion Secrets”

Persuasion Secrets Only the Top Dogs in the Business Use to Increase Sales & Revenue

If small businesses want to succeed against a continuously growing pool of competition, they have to find a way to gain more customers.

It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest product to sell, if customers don’t know and like you, you will never be able to gain their trust.

If you’re spending a substantial amount of time marketing your business, but you aren’t seeing the results you had hoped for, there could be some very good reasons for why you aren’t able to persuade more customers to know, like, and trust you.

Here are just some of the reasons why you aren’t successful in persuading more people to buy your products or services.

  • You’re too aggressive in your sales approach. You tend to argue and advocate too often.
  • You aren’t actively listening to your customers. If you don’t know the other side of the argument, you will fail to persuade.
  • You’re not able to make the necessary connections with your customers. You haven’t established emotional bonds and shared objectives.
  • You’re not willing to sacrifice when it helps the overall cause.
Understanding human behavior and how to utilize psychology in your business can help you learn how to become more persuasive in selling your products.

So, how do you start to persuade more people to like and trust you so they will buy your products?

The key to getting more customers to know, like, and trust you is learning how to use mass persuasion techniques in your marketing efforts.


“Mass Persuasion Secrets”

Here’s what you’ll discover in this guide:

  • Six powerful sales triggers that will persuade people to buy from you.
  • How to use reverse psychology to get more customers to trust you.
  • Understanding Social Proof and learn how to use it to persuade.
  • Why being an authority in your industry is important for persuading customers to buy your products.
  • How to put the techniques in action to persuade more customers to know, like, and trust you.
  • And much more!

You and your business will benefit significantly from going through this course.

Here are just some of the benefits that you’ll gain:

  • Learn how to use the power of reciprocity to increase sales.
  • Discover how curiosity can be a powerful weapon for getting customers to buy from you.
  • Understand common objections and how to overcome them.
  • Learn how to use the power of fear to sell more products.
  • Learn how to use reverse psychology techniques to persuade more people.
  • Uncover the secrets to using social proof to grow your business and increase customer sales.
  • Understanding the different kinds of social proof and how to use them to persuade more customers to buy from you.
  • Discover the benefits of building authority in your industry.
  • Learn how to utilize video to mass persuade.
  • Learn how the power of social media can be harnessed as a powerful tool of persuasion.
  • Learn how to persuade more through email.
  • And so much more!


This is a rare opportunity. I don’t want to hype it up, as you’ve already seen the massive knowledge this package will unlock for you. Decades worth of experience and proven wealth building strategies is condensed in these power packed videos.

If you’re chasing some big financial goals – I know this ‘Wealth Creation Bundle’ will make a huge difference in your pursuit. Hopefully, you take advantage of this heavily discounted price.

I can personally guarantee – this would be one of the best investment you’ll ever make – if you’re the type of person who’ll take action!

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